Can I get pregnant if sperm touches the outside

Can I get pregnant if sperm touches the outside of the vagina? – Answer

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A very common question amongst young girls is – Can I get pregnant if sperm touches the outside of the vagina? The straight forward answer to this question is – yes, you can! However, there are many ifs and buts involved in this answer. So, if you are looking for complete information on this topic, then please read through the article.

I am sure, by the end of this article, you will have a good understanding of the conditions when you can get pregnant if sperm touches the outside of the vagina, and when you can’t. This article will also address the following queries –

  • What happens if sperm touches your skin?
  • Can I get pregnant if he came outside me?

Can I get pregnant if sperm touches the outside? – knowing the possibilities

In order to understand how sperm touching the vagina can impact pregnancy, we should first understand how pregnancy happens.

How does pregnancy happen? – A simple understanding of the process

Sexual intercourse with your partner may or may not lead to your pregnancy. When a man ejaculates sperm insides a woman’s vagina, there are chances when one of the sperms may make your eggs fertile. If the sperm does make an egg fertile, pregnancy occurs.

How can I get pregnant if sperm touches the outside? – The answer

Now we know that the sperm needs to enter the vagina in order to make you pregnant. But what if you had anal sex or the man ejaculated outside the vagina, and the sperm touched the outside of the vagina? What are the chances of pregnancy in such cases?

Sperm is fluid, and so it has the capability to flow inside the vagina even after just touching it from outside. It may seem something next to impossible, but it is quite possible. There are multiple ways the sperm can reach inside your vagina, even when the man ejaculates outside.

Factors which make pregnancy possible even if the sperm touches the outside

Sexual intercourse and Pre ejaculationdoes sperm just touch outside or gets inside?

As an outcome of sexual intercourse, ejaculation occurs which produces millions of sperm. These sperms have a good chance of meeting the eggs and resulting in pregnancy.

A man has some control over ejaculation, and thus man can ejaculate outside the vagina. But, what about pre-ejaculation, which is also known as pre-cum?

Pre-cum has the power to make you pregnant

During sexual intercourse, a man does not have control over pre-ejaculation. Thousands of sperms are produced in pre-ejaculation itself. So, there are chances that sperm makes way to the eggs and fertilizes it.

So, the answer to the question, ‘Can I get pregnant even if sperm touches the outside of the vagina?’ is yes. Even if your partner ejaculated outside the vagina, there are chances that the pre-ejaculation occurred inside the vagina. This may very well result in pregnancy.

Sperm life – it may live long enough

A sperm is not dead as soon as it comes to this world. Sperm can live for as little as a few seconds to as many as 5-6 days.

How long can sperm live outside the bodyor when it touches the outside of the vagina and does not enter inside

A sperm does not live for too long in the open, as it gets dried up very quickly. Also, the environment needs to be suitable for the sperm to live longer which is not the case usually.

Sperm life inside the vagina

In contrast to the outside world, sperm can live for 5-6 days inside the vagina. This makes things interesting.

Many girls ask if they can get pregnant if they have sexual intercourse during their periods. Well, while the chances are really low, the sperm can live long enough to meet the eggs and cause pregnancy.

So, if the sperm touches the outside, it may flow inside as well and given that it can live long enough, it can cause pregnancy as well.

Pregnancy even without sexual intercourse

Can you become pregnant even without sexual intercourse? The answer is yes, that is possible. While I am not talking about IVF and other techniques, there are still some rare ways in which you can get pregnant without sexual intercourse.

For instance, if you had oral sex and your partner’s fingers contain live sperm. That can reach inside your vagina with the fingers.

Though a very rare way, pregnancy is still possible because of such a situation.

The hot tub effect when sperm touches the outside of the vagina

Who does not like a hot tub bath, but it may not be the best thing to do just after sexual intercourse. Especially when you have unprotected sex, and you want to avoid pregnancy, you should avoid getting inside a hot water tub.

As you would have understood, the hot tub water helps the sperm get inside the vagina.

This is all easier said than it may actually happen. There are multiple factors involved which may not allow pregnancy to happen even after sexual intercourse and sperm entering the vagina. Let us talk about those factors as well –

The factors which may prevent pregnancy when sperm touches the outside of the vagina

There are multiple factors that may prevent pregnancy from happening when you had sexual intercourse with your partner and the sperm just touched the outside of the vagina.

Menstrual cycle

The very basic factor in pregnancy is the ovulation or menstrual cycle. In the days a woman is not ovulating, there are extremely low to no chances of her getting pregnant.

Post sexual intercourse hygiene

The most important thing to follow post sexual intercourse is the hygiene part. When you follow proper hygiene, you can easily prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Usage of protection and birth control methods – preventing pregnancy is better if you don’t want it

Yes, they advertise a lot about the protections, and rightly so. In case you want to prevent unwanted pregnancy, protections should be your best friends. Be it condoms, contraceptive pills, or any other protection mechanisms; just use them to be safe.

Queries similar to – Can I get pregnant if sperm touches the outside

Let us also look at some of the other queries usually asked in this regard –

Can you get pregnant if you wipe sperm inside you?

Answer – Yes, you can! You can never be sure if you wiped the entire sperm from inside you. Sperm, being a fluid, can easily get deep inside you without you even knowing it. Similarly, pre-cum during intercourse might have got deep inside you. However, you are surely reducing the chances by wiping the sperm, but that does not mean there are no chances.

Can you get pregnant without sperm being released?

Answer – Well, as explained above, the pre-cum also has thousands of sperms and a man does not have control over it. So, if your partner has released pre-cum inside you and did not actually produce the final cum, still the low chances of pregnancy are there.

Can you get pregnant if only the tip goes in?

Answer – It actually does not matter. The thing that matters is whether the sperm has reached inside you by any means. If it has reached inside, then there is every chance that you can get pregnant (unless you know how to prevent pregnancy – read about the factors preventing pregnancy in this article). For a detailed read on this, visit – can i get pregnant if only the tip goes in?

Can you still get pregnant if the sperm comes out?

Answer – Yes, even if the sperm comes out, there are chances that some sperms might still be inside. In such a case, pregnancy is still possible.

In Conclusion

Planned pregnancy brings lots of happiness in a woman’s life but it may not be the same with an unplanned pregnancy. It is important to be aware of the factors that cause or prevent pregnancy. In this article we discussed the probabilities related to the question – can I get pregnant if sperm touches the outside of the vagina. I hope you got the answer to this query, for more articles please read Can I get pregnant tips.

Seek medical advice from an expert

The information in this article is for information purpose based on personal research, and should not be treated as a medical expert’s advice. Kindly reach out to a medical expert for individual cases.

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