Ovulation cycle - menstrual cycle - pregnancy

Ovulation cycle – Menstrual cycle and pregnancy – queries answered

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When a girl turns to a woman, some natural phenomenons start happening to her. Many women, especially teenagers, are eager to know about their ovulation cycle. They want to understand the menstrual cycle in general, and also want to understand how it can affect pregnancy.

If you also want to understand about the ovulation cycle, we are here to explain the entire process to you. In this article, we try to explain everything in detail as well as in an easy language. We are trying our best to answer the common questions related to pregnancy through our posts in – Can I get Pregnant – Queries and TipsTry- iKnow Ovulation Kit

Ovulation Cycle – What is the menstrual cycle?

The ovulation cycle, popularly known as the menstrual cycle, is a process in which revolves around eggs which generate from your ovary. The process in which your ovary releases an egg is called ovulation. Once the ovary releases an egg, the sperm can fertilize it. More on this later.

If the egg is not fertilized within a specific time, it gets destroyed and results in the uterine lining shed during periods. This is the crux of the ovulation cycle (the menstrual cycle).

How long does an egg survive inside a woman’s body?

This is a very valid question. Once the ovary releases an egg, the egg can survive between 12 to 24 hours. If a sperm does not fertilize it in this period, the egg gets destroyed.

How long can a sperm survive?

Another question that comes to mind is how long can a sperm survive? Sperm can survive between a few seconds to up to a maximum of 5 days. In an open environment, the sperm is prone to dry out and die soon. But inside the vagina, it can live much longer – up to 5 days. So, sperm life is dependent on the environment it is in along with multiple other factors.

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How many eggs does the ovary release in one ovulation cycle at a time?

A woman can ovulate once or multiple times in her ovulation cycle (menstrual cycle). This means a single or multiple eggs can be released at a time depending upon how many times a woman ovulates. How does this impact pregnancy? We will read it in the next heading.

How is the ovulation cycle linked with pregnancy?

I hope by now you understand what ovulation cycle is all about. Till now we discussed how ovulation happens and what are the different factors present in it. Now we will look into how does ovulation impact pregnancy. I have tried to specify the entire process in points to help you understand better –

How ovulation results in pregnancy? – A step by step explaination

  • An egg releases from the ovary as part of the menstrual cycle.
  • The egg meets the sperm within the next 12-24 hours in the fallopian tubes.
  • The sperm fertilizes the egg and pregnancy occurs.
  • If pregnancy occurs, the hormones will not let the lining shed and the periods will not happen.
  • In case a woman has ovulated more than one eggs, sperm can fertilize multiple eggs resulting in twins or triplets.
  • The pregnancy phase begins from here.

Can you become pregnant outside the ovulation period?

Yes. The sperm can live up to 5 days inside the vagina. So, you can easily get pregnant if you have sexual intercourse during the days leading to your ovulation period or during your ovulation period.

What is the fertile window?

The fertile window is the time when you have the maximum probability of getting pregnant. As discussed above, this window starts 5-6 days before your ovulation period starts and remains till you keep ovulating. Once the 12-24 hours period crucial for fertilizing your eggs is over, the fertile window ends and your periods begin. If during this period egg meets sperm in the fallopian tubes and fertilizes, pregnancy happens.

When does the ovulation cycle (menstrual cycle) start? How long is it?

Your Menstrual cycle starts along with your menstrual flow. So, in case you want to understand your ovulation cycle and mainly the ovulation period, you should carefully observe your menstrual cycle. You should note down the start dates each month to get an idea about how long your ovulation cycle is. Usually, the menstrual cycle is 28 days long but it may vary person to person.

When does ovulation happen in the menstrual cycle?

Ovulation usually happens during the mid of the menstrual cycle. This means for a 28 days menstrual cycle, ovulation happens around the 14th day. One can not predict the exact day of the ovulation period. So, it is common thinking that ovulation may happen between four days before or four days after your menstrual cycle’s middle point.

How does the Ovulation affect you? Are there any symptoms?

There are no sure shot particular symptoms that can tell you that you are ovulating. Some women get a few symptoms but not everyone gets them. For those who get them, these symptoms include light blood spotting, increased desire for sexual intercourse, ovary pain, and breast tenderness. However, experts say that these should not be treated as primary symptoms and experts should be consulted when having such symptoms.

Menstrual Cycle is different for all

As already discussed, the menstrual cycle is different for all. This means not everyone has 28 days cycle. Not every one releases the same number of eggs. Also, since pregnancy is a complicated thing, every woman has her own unique mesntrual cycle and conditions.

In Conclusion

In this article, we read about the ovulation cycle in detail without getting much into the technical terms. Our aim was to make you understand things in an easy language. You should definitely keep a note of your menstrual cycle dates. For any further queries, and for a specific case to case queries, we advise you to visit your nearest doctor/expert.

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